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Type: t micro-15

Category: Fungi

Taxonomical identification: Geumannomyces cf. caricis

Similar: HdV-126

First publication: Kuhry, P. (1988) A palaeobotanical and palynological study of Holocene peat from the El Bosque mire. Located in a volcanic area of the Cordillera central of Colombia. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 55, 19–72

Other publication/s: Hooghiemstra, H. (1984) Vegetational and climatic history of the high plain of Bogota, Colombia: A continuous record of the last 3.5 million years. Thesis. Univ. Amsterdam, Cramer, Vaduz, p.p. 368 [Also published as The Quaternary of Colombia, Vol.10, by T. van der Hammen (Editor), Amsterdam].

Description: Hyphopodia irregular in outline, brown, always with blunt lobes and a prominent clear spot of ca. 2 µm diameter in the central area. Diameter: 26–22 µm (Hooghiemstra, 1984).

(Sub-) Fossil occurence: No information

Co-occurence: No information

Modern occurence: No information

Palaeoenvironmental indication: No information