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HdV-47Type: KIU-47

Category: Fungi

Taxonomical identification: cf. Xylomyces elegans

First publication: Wieckowska-Lüth, M. (forthcoming)

Other publication/s: Goh, T.K., Ho, W.H., Hyde, K.D. and Tsui, K.M. (1997) Four new species of Xylomyces from submerged wood. Mycological Research 11, 1323−1328

Description: Fungal ascospore(?), ellipsoid to broadly fusiform, five-septate, constricted at the septa, septa thicker than the wall, one of the middle cells slightly bigger than the other, without surface ornamentation, middle cells brown, adjacent cells light brown

(Sub-) Fossil occurence: Alluvial deposits characterized by periodical flooding

Co-occurence: No information

Modern occurence: On submerged wood

Palaeoenvironmental indication: No information