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KIU-121Type: KIU-121

Category: Fungi

Taxonomical identification: cf. Savoryella verrucosa

First publication: Wieckowska-Lüth, M. (forthcoming)

Other publication/s:
Sivichai, S., Jones, E. B. G. and Hywel-Jones, N. L. (2002) Fungal coloni-sation of wood in a freshwater stream at Tad Ta Phu, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. Fungal Diversity 10, 113–129
Sivichai, S. and Jones, E. B. G. (2003) Teleomorphic-anamorphic connec-tions of freshwater fungi. Fungal Diversity Research Series 10, 259–272

Description: Ascospore, oval, three-septate, distinctly constricted at the septa, septa thicker than the wall, one of the middle cells slightly bigger than the other, without surface ornamentation, middle cells brown, end cells light brown to pale white, septum dark brown, 49.1 × 21.8 μm.

(Sub-) Fossil occurence: During the transition from terrestrial to aquatic environment

Co-occurence: Together with decomposing fungi

Modern occurence: Savoryella is one of the most commonly reported unitunicate ascomycetous genera from submerged wood in rivers and streams (Sivichai et al. 2002, Sivichai and Jones 2003).

Palaeoenvironmental indication: Presence of decaying organic matter