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Type: HdV-901

Category: Algae

Sub-category: Green algae

Taxonomical identification: Botryococcus



First publication: Kuhry, P. (1997) The palaeoecology ot a treed bog in western boreal Canada: a study based on microfossils, macrofossils and physico-chemical properties. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 96, 183–224

Other Publication/s: Reynolds, C.S. (1984) The ecology of freshwater phytoplankton. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; Guy-Ohlson, D. (1992) Botryococcus as an aid in the interpretation of palaeoenvironment and depositional processes. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology

Description: Colony

(Sub-) Fossil occurence: No information

Co-occurence: No information

Modern occurence: Botryococcus lives in shallow clear epilimnia (Reynolds 2006), where it may form a thick surface scum (van Geel 2001) during periods of high insolation (Reynolds, 1984). That green alga is also known as an early colonizer, easily adapting to the aquatic h

Palaeoenvironmental indication: Eutrophic to mesotrophic conditions / Open water