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Pediastrum boreanum Pediastrum duplex Pediastrum integrum Pediastrum kawraiskyi Pediastrum simplex

Type: HdV-760

Category: Algae

Sub-category: Chlorophyceae

Taxonomical identification: Pediastrum sp.

Similar: HdV-900

First publication: Bakker, R. and van Smeerdijk, D.G. (1981) Een palaeoecologishe studie van het Ilperveld over de laatste 5000 jaar. Internal Report Hugo de Vries Laboratorium, no. 100, University of Amsterdam

Other publication/s:
Reynolds, C.S. (2006) The Ecology of Phytoplankton. New York: Cambridge University Press
Sarmaja-Korjonen, K., Seppänen, A. and Bennike, O. (2006) Pediastrum algae from the classic late glacial Bølling Sø site, Denmark: Response of aquatic biota to climate change. In: Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology (138), S. 95–107

Description: Coenobium

(Sub-) Fossil occurence: No information

Co-occurence: No information

Modern occurence: In freshwater environments

Palaeoenvironmental indication: High nutrient concentrations