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Type: EMA-114

Category: Fungi

Taxonomical identification: cf. Phyllactina spec.

First publication: Prager, A., Theuerkauf, M., Couwenberg, J., Barthelmes, A., Aptroot, A. and Joosten, H. (2012) Pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs as tools for identifying alder carr deposits: A surface sample study from NE-Germany. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 186, 38–57

Other publication/s: Dennis, R.W.G. (1981) British Ascomycetes, Revised ed. Cramer Vaduz.

Description: Possibly fruit body appendage (seta). Acicular to elongated club-shaped, base (10 x 8-9 µm) constricted and kneeled, main part tapering from 7 to 3 µm in diameter to rounded or truncated tip,whole remain 52–116 x 8–9 µm, pale brown, psilate.

(Sub-) Fossil occurence: No information

Co-occurence: No information

Modern occurence: P. guttata (Fries) Léveillé is known from leaves (Dennis, 1981). EMA-114 is present in birch carr (litter and mosses).

Palaeoenvironmental indication: Indicates carr vegitation